Essential Pros Franchise Owners Make a Positive Impact on Employers and Employees Alike

Fast-growing staffing franchise plays a big role in local economies

With the volatile workforce situation in the U.S. right now, more than ever, workers need staffing agencies to find employment, and Essential Pros has emerged as an industry leader to help with this national crisis.

 According to the World Employment Confederation, which represents the staffing industry on a global basis, more than 70% of workers who use staffing firms remain employed 12 months after their initial hiring.

 “In an increasingly complex and uncertain world of work, workers require greater support and guidance,” said Bettina Schaller, president of the World Employment Confederation. “This is exactly the role that the private employment services industry plays for millions of individuals each year.”

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In that same report, the World Employment Confederation reported that 35% of workers using staffing firms who are on their first assignment were previously unemployed or inactive – a staggering figure which shows just how important private employment services are to getting Americans back to work after the pandemic.

 “Whether they were affected by the COVID-19 crisis, looking for a first working experience, willing to continue working rather than retiring or seeking to transition to a new sector, millions of workers have their own story to tell as to how private employment services have helped them in their working lives,” Schaller said.

 In such a critical time for our nation, and our communities, Essential Pros has provided purpose by transforming lives through placing workers into meaningful jobs. Our franchisees consistently report the rewards of driving their local economy, finding jobseekers quality work and helping businesses make the right hire.

 Essential Pros isn’t interested in shuffling people in and out of jobs. Instead, our structured and in-depth process helps business owners find the right person for the vacant position, which in turn, leads to long-term client relationships. Our franchisees take the time to get to know potential hires and learn their goals before placing them in a job.

 “We meet people at a crossroads,” says Nicole Powell, Vice President of Essential Pros. “Our clients might be scaling up for a new project or are coming up on a busy time of year. Our applicants are looking at a new career and they have a desire to improve themselves. It’s so rewarding to be able to meet the needs of our clients while also helping individuals better themselves at the same time.”

 With all the uncertainty in the workforce right now, Essential Pros has helped guide hundreds of job seekers through these unforeseen circumstances. It’s resulted in our franchise owners making a positive impact for employers and employees alike.

 Though an estimated 3 million workers seek out staffing agencies every week, Essential Pros thrives in smaller to mid-size markets, with populations as low as 25,000 people, in order to have the capability of being a better community member.

 “The people that you work with each day, the applicants that you help find a new career and the companies that are relying on you to find the best people makes this an extremely rewarding career,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros.

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