How Much Money Can I Make?

Owning an Essential Pros Staffing franchise is a low cost, high-margin business with unlimited profit potential

This is the most common question asked by entrepreneurs when they’re investigating new business opportunities – and for good reason. If you’re leaving a career to go into business for yourself, you want to be certain that the risk will be worth it, and more importantly, you want to know if the business has the potential to put you on the path toward financial freedom.

There’s a reason why the staffing industry has grown to $137.95 billion annually, and that is because this business, if done effectively, can be extraordinarily lucrative. Essential Pros is a terrific example of a brand that gets it right. Founded in 2007 and entering the Great Recession, Essential Pros has grown to such an extent that our offices average more than $3 million in gross sales, according to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document.

The reason behind our growth is simple: we have developed a streamlined business model and made significant investments in back-end support to help make our offices easy to run and quick to scale. We also don’t compete with other staffing franchise brands directly, as we target small to mid-size communities and focus on helping light-manufacturing, agricultural and production businesses grow. We also recruit for clerical and professional clients as well, making for a potentially lucrative mix of clients in the communities we serve. All of these efforts combined have helped us carve out a special niche in a rapidly growing segment, and has made Essential Pros a worthy franchise opportunity.

“We have perfected the business model and have a proven record of success with our clients,” says Rodney Christensen, Regional Manager of Essential Pros staffing agency franchise. “Through the relationship with clients, you always have the opportunity for revenue. There’s a lot of companies that are hiring, and it’s a great time to get into business because everyone is needing people. We’re not limited from a scale perspective, as we’re able to service a lot of different industries effectively. If an entrepreneur were to start this business on their own, they wouldn’t know how to make it profitable – but we do, and we’re excited to share this opportunity as Essential Pros continues to grow moving forward.”

staffing agency cost / Essential Pros Franchise Profit

According to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, our average office location generates more than $3 million in average sales, with our highest performing office generating more than $5 million in gross sales. The best part –the Essential Pros staffing agency cost is affordable. With the total cost to open ranging from $136,350 – $221,500, Essential Pros is an opportunity to own a business with the potential for tremendous financial returns.

For a more in-depth look into how well our offices perform from a financial perspective, please review Item 19 from our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document below:

Company Owned UnitYear OpenedGross Sales in 2021
Fremont, NE2017$2,209,615
Norfolk, NE2017$1,286,848
Columbus, NE2017$3,535,772
Kearney, NE2010$3,324,423
Grand Island, NE2007$4,770,904

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