3 Reasons To Invest In Essential Pros In 2023 

Essential Pros Franchise is Ready for a Strong 2023

Coming into 2023, Essentials Pros is ready to meet the expected demand of a strong hiring boom. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the job market has been tumultuous, to say the least. From initial layoffs over concerns about the pandemic to the Great Resignation, which saw an unprecedented amount of American workers voluntarily leave their jobs for better opportunities, we’ve seen a shift over the past three years in the labor market like nothing before. But despite all these challenges and uncertainties, the hiring market remains incredibly strong. In fact, although the unemployment rate rose slightly in October, job growth remained through the roof.

“The highs of 2022 may be behind us, but the lows won’t be as low as in previous times of economic crisis. The jobs market is more likely to regain its balance – no more unsustainable levels of vacancies or talent shortages – with the correct number of jobs vacant for the candidates available, or certainly closer than it has been in the past year,” according to a report in Forbes magazine. “For business leaders, 2023 presents an opportunity.”

That’s why Essential Pros, one of the premiere staffing agencies in the U.S., is primed for a strong year ahead. Essential Pros is taking on 2023 to expand its reach in communities across the U.S. More than ever, both employers and job seekers are turning to staffing agencies. Essentials Pros allows businesses to save time and money to find qualified candidates. And for job seekers, Essential Pros has emerged as one of the true staffing agencies that take the time to get to know people, face to face, ensuring better long-term job placement results. Essential Pros believes its business model is perfectly primed to become the dominant name in the booming staffing agency industry in 2023.

Essential Pros in 2023 Staffing Franchise employee meeting with client

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Essential Pros

When researching possible investment opportunities, aspiring entrepreneurs typically look for industries with a strong economic outlook, a business model that can withstand economic ups and downs, and brands that provide a necessary service to their community. In steps Essential Pros.

Essential Pros is a proactive staffing agency that stands out with its unparalleled commitment to putting the client first. And the best part? You don’t need previous experience in the staffing agency industry to run an Essential Pros franchise!

Staffing is becoming a Proactive Agency

Hiring is quickly becoming a proactive process. What that means is, more than ever, employers are anticipating their staffing needs before they need them. This has several important benefits: you can build a talent pool of prospects that you can draw from when needed, you can ensure the best candidates are plugged into available roles, you can spend less time recruiting, and you can save time and money all the while finding higher-caliber talent.

Essential Pros has built a business model on excelling at proactive hiring. Our franchise locations keep a deep and comprehensive database of job seekers, which contains an extensive record of their resume, background checks, previous experience, skills and talents, and much, much more. This way, when an employer is looking to fill a job opening, Essential Pros has a massive list of qualified candidates at their disposal to fill the position quickly. And for job seekers, they know they are being placed in a role they are well suited for.

Stand Out with an Essential Difference in the Staffing Agency

The secret to Essential Pros’ growth is actually not so secret. Whereas other staffing agencies promise to take the time to get to know job candidates, Essential Pros actually does the work. There’s simply no way to run a staffing agency without allowing the time to get to know people’s goals and desires. For many competitors, they don’t have that time available. Essential Pros, on the other hand, has based its business model on making sure we connect with people. We call it the “Essential Difference.” As a result, Essential Pros has built a reputation among employers and job seekers alike as a staffing agency you can trust will place you in the right job.

“Essential Pros does everything other agencies say that they do, but they don’t,” says Travis Powel, CEO and founder. “We check references – meaning, we actually call their references. We drug test. And we share this information with our clients, which give them the peace of mind that we’ve actually done what we’ve said we were going to do. This is the reason that after 14 years in business, Essential Pros hasn’t lost a single client – and that’s saying something, considering we’ve expanded to five locations in new markets in that period of time. That’s our Essential Difference.”

You Don’t Need Experience to Run an Essential Pros

No previous experience in the staffing agency? No problem! In fact, many of our franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds, yet still find purpose running Essential Pros. We’ve found that most Essential Pros franchise owners have a passion for being at the center of their community in helping connect individuals who need employment to high-quality opportunities. Essential Pros boasts a tried and true structured process that identifies which candidates are best for our clients. Our streamlined business model, too, offers incredible back-end support, which makes running a franchise easy and quick to scale.

“We have perfected the business model and have a proven record of success with our clients,” says Rodney Christensen, Regional Manager of Essential Pros staffing agency franchise. “Through the relationship with clients, you always have the opportunity for revenue. There are a lot of companies that are hiring, and it’s a great time to get into business because everyone is needing people. We’re not limited from a scale perspective, as we’re able to service a lot of different industries effectively. If an entrepreneur were to start this business on their own, they wouldn’t know how to make it profitable – but we do, and we’re excited to share this opportunity as Essential Pros continues to grow moving forward.”

Start an Essential Pros Franchise Today

Looking for a standout opportunity in a booming industry? As the job market continues to see unprecedented fluctuations, one thing remains true: Essential Pros have stepped up to help keep the economy rolling. To learn more about bringing Essential Pros to your community, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today!