Essential Pros Staffing Franchise FAQs

Answers to common Essential Pros Franchise questions

What does an Essential Pros Staffing Franchise cost?

Our current Franchise Disclosure Document lists the total investment and costs, which also are listed in detail on the startup costs page of this website. Total investment ranges from a low of $136,350 to a high of $221,500. This includes additional funds you might need after you open, which range from $50,000 to $75,000.

What is the Franchise Fee for an Essential Pros Franchise?

The Essential Pros franchise fee for a single unit of territory is $30,000.

Do I need an office to operate an Essential Pros staffing franchise?

Yes, you will need an office in your community. Typical sizes range from 1,200 to 1,800 square feet and you’ll need a reception space, interview rooms and an area for job applicants to complete employment applications in addition to office space for you and your staff.

How many employees do I need to operate an Essential Pros franchise?

Typically, you’ll hire two employees when you open, in addition to yourself. As the owner, you will be hands-on with sales, recruiting, interviewing and placing candidates in jobs, while also managing accounts. The two employment consultants will have many of the same responsibilities, which will allow the branch the potential to grow quickly. Everyone on your team doing sales, recruiting and performing all daily functions will create a strong culture of success and will meet the needs of your clients and applicants the best.

Do I need prior staffing experience to succeed at an Essential Pros franchise?

No, although prior staffing or HR experience is helpful. More important than actual experience in the staffing industry is a love of B2B networking and strong people and customer service skills. Staffing is a people-driven business and successful staffing franchise owners are great at networking, basic sales and enjoy consulting with business owners. We can train you on the sales process, leadership and how to operate the business if you have these basic skills. If you have worked in staffing, you’ll be oriented to the industry already.

How do I get customers?

As the owner of a staffing agency, you will play a vital role in your community: connecting workers with businesses that need them. As the owner, you will function as a CEO, spending your time networking and forging relationships with businesses in your community in order to win clients. We will coach you on how to sell Essential Pros to businesses, generate trust and explain the Essential Difference with confidence. We also will provide coaching to help you become the hands-on owner, who will work daily in your office as the leader of a team, not only marketing but also interviewing and screening applicants, managing client relationships and holding your team accountable.

Does Essential Pros offer support and training?

Yes! Essential Pros provides an extensive training program on how to run your own employment agency, which includes sales, recruiting, marketing and operations. Initial training will be provided at the corporate headquarters, on-site at your office and remotely. Our web-based Essential YOUniversity is available for you to reference to assist you with teaching your new staff members as you grow. Essential Pros also provides support to cover accounting, marketing, training, risk management, technology, and administration.

What will I receive as an Essential Pros franchisee?

We will provide you with the training you need to be successful. Training will be held in our office and in your office, but it does not stop there. Continued training will take place remotely as well as you will have access to our web-based Essential YOUniversity. Training topics include office operations, services offered, costs and cash control, client services and relationship-building techniques, marketing and sales plan, accountability for sales and recruiting, software training, and methods on controlling operating costs. Essential Pros will also cover management roles, how to manage your staff as well as cover job functions for each employee. With Essential Pros taking care of most back-office functions it will limit the need for you to spend much time on learning these functions. We will provide training on worker’s compensation insurance and what impacts those costs, tax processing, HR assistance and front-office software. As an Essential Pros franchisee, you will receive our operations manual and full access to our marketing library full of resources and material for you to use to promote your business.

What does a typical day look like for a Franchise Owner at Essential Pros?

All franchise owners will find the greatest growth by being hands-on in the daily activities. We have found that active owners who gain new clients through sales, marketing and community involvement, as well as those who spend much of their time in the office recruiting, interviewing and placing candidates, have grown quickly. Actively managing accounts and teaching their staff of employment consultants how to effectively manage accounts while tracking KPI’s and managing accountability will lead the franchise owner to the greatest success. Each day will look slightly different as there are always new jobs, clients and applicants. It is a fast pace environment that requires attention to detail, follow up and urgency. The opportunity to meet with many different people each day is one of the best parts of this industry.

What Marketing Resource Are Available?

Marketing resources you can count on! We will provide many resources through our Marketing Library at no cost that will assist with sales and recruiting efforts, and help you reach your goals. The resources that will be available range from print to social media and mass communications. We will assist with coordinating a ribbon-cutting for the grand opening and help get the message out about the new business location.

Does Essential Pros offer financing?

Essential Pros does not offer direct financing, however, we can connect you with a variety of financial institutions to assist you.

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