Essential Pros Staffing Franchise FAQs

Answers to Common Essential Pros Franchise Questions

What does an Essential Pros franchise cost?

Essential Pros is committed to keeping initial investment costs low and your return on investment high, in order to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership. As a result, start-up costs range as low as $136,350 to $221,500, making Essential Pros one of the most lucrative and low cost investments in the booming staffing agency industry.

What is the Franchise Fee for an Essential Pros franchise?

A franchise fee is an upfront fee charged by the franchisor, which gives you a license to operate under the brand name. Simply put: once paid, you are officially a franchisee! At Essential Pros, the cost of a franchise fee for a single unit of territory is just $30,000.

Do I need an office to operate an Essential Pros staffing franchise?

At Essential Pros, we’re committed to building a hands-on, personalized relationship with both employers and job seekers. That means you’ll need an office to meet with people face-to-face. Typically, an Essential Pros office space ranges from 1,200 to 1,800 square feet, which includes reception space, interview rooms, and an area for job seekers to fill out forms. You’ll also need office space for you and your staff. And the best part? Essential Pros’ is there to help you find the best site location and navigate the real estate process.

How many employees do I need to operate an Essential Pros franchise?

Essential Pros has built a business model that thrives on low overhead costs, and that includes needing few employees to operate efficiently. To start, you’ll need about two staff members. As the owner, you’ll take care of sales, recruiting, interviewing, and placing candidates in jobs, as well as managing accounts. In the process, your two employees will hold many of the same responsibilities, allowing you to focus on meeting your financial goals and growth.

Do I need prior experience to franchise with Essential Pros?

No! Essential Pros has invested an incredible amount of resources into its training and support platforms, which will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to run an Essential Pros franchise. What you do need that can’t be taught, however, is a love of networking and strong people/customer service skills. The staffing agency industry is a people-driven business, which means you have to be great at networking, basic sales, and enjoy connecting with business owners and job seekers. Some skill backgrounds will help, such as regional and operational managers and people who know how to lead a team. From there, Essential Pros will train you on everything you need to know!

How do I get customers?

One of your biggest tasks as an Essential Pros franchisee is building relationships in your community to connect workers with businesses, and vice versa. As the owner, you’ll spend your time networking and making relationships with businesses in your community to build a client base – think local businesses, charities, nonprofits, etc. But you’re not at it alone. Essentials Pros will coach you to generate trust and explain what sets Essential Pros apart from others in the staffing agency industry.

Does Essential Pros offer training?

Absolutely! Essential Pros’ extensive training program begins on Day One. To start, you’ll undergo initial training at our corporate headquarters, and then further training at your office and remotely. By the end, you will have mastered everything it takes to be an Essential Pros franchise owner – sales, recruiting, marketing, accounting, risk management, technology, administration and operations, just to name a few. We also offer a web-based “Essential YOUniversity” to help train your staff members. Rest assured, our hands-on training and support is with you for the entire life of the franchise. From back office support, marketing assistance, franchise and business coaching – Essential Pros is there to help franchise owners learn and grow.

What marketing resources are available?

Essential Pros has developed a proven strategy to help new locations let their community know they are open and ready to serve all their hiring needs. To start, we have a Marketing Library at no cost that will assist with sales and recruiting efforts, and help you reach your financial goals. Our marketing strategies also cover all platforms, from print to social media to mass communication. And, we’ll be there to assist with your grand opening and coordinate efforts to get the message out!

What does a typical day look like for a franchise owner at Essential Pros?

We’ve found that most franchise owners take a hands-on approach in daily activities. To gain new clients, you’ll have to be highly engaged in sales, marketing, and community involvement. But that’s not all. Time in the office recruiting, interviewing, and placing candidates is also necessary for sustained growth.

Among other tasks, you’ll be managing accounts, tracking KPI’s, and managing accountability. Each day will look different, as there are always new jobs, clients and applicants. It is a fast-paced environment that requires attention to detail, follow up, and urgency. The opportunity to meet with many different people each day is one of the best parts of this industry.

What is the Essential Pros Pioneer Program?

Early adopters play a crucial role in the development of a franchise brand, which is why they should be rewarded for their investment and help in taking our proven business model to the national stage. Enter the Pioneer Program, which helps our first class of franchise owners grow in business out of the gate.

The Pioneer Program offers 50% (about $15,000 in savings) off the initial franchise fee, freeing up your resources to focus on growing your business. Also, your marketing fees will be spent on your business, which will help you develop an effective marketing strategy during your first year. Also included is a 10% discount on computer hardware. And, you’ll have exclusive 1 on 1 consultation access with CEO Travis Powell for all your coaching and mentoring needs.

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