What is Our Pioneer Program?

Rising staffing franchise offers early adopters a chance to benefit with reduced fees, personalized coaching, marketing support and more

In the franchise industry, pioneers are the entrepreneurs that invest in a new franchise system early on. These early adopters play a crucial role in the development of a franchise brand, and they work alongside the leadership team to shape the direction of the franchise system. They are the first to implement the business model in new markets, and in the process, set the standard for the type of entrepreneurs that will come into the system later on. They play a critical role in the health of their brand and help set the course for growth.

Essential Pros believes these early adopters should be rewarded for their investment and help in taking our proven business model to the national stage. This is why we’ve launched our Pioneer Program, which is designed to help our first class of franchise owners succeed in their businesses right out of the gate.

“When I started this business in 2007, in the midst of the Great Recession, I had to do everything myself,” says Travis Powell, CEO of Essential Pros. “I spent years refining the business model and entering new markets to ensure that our model was not only scalable but that our success was replicable. In 2020, we’re one of the most successful staffing businesses in Nebraska, and now that we’re franchising, we want to shorten the learning curve and help our franchise owners thrive right out of the gate. This is what we’re going to achieve through our Pioneer Program.”

essential pros pioneer program

How is the Essential Pros Pioneer Program Designed to Help You?

The Pioneer Program is designed to help you through your first year of business. We’ve taken the exceptional support infrastructure and comprehensive training program we’ve developed over our 14 years in business and we’ve added several critical pieces that will help you in several fundamental areas.

These are the components of the Pioneer Program:

50% off the initial franchise fee: In your earliest days in business, access to capital is critically important. We want to ensure that our Pioneer franchise owners have the resources they need to focus on growing their business. This is why we’ve reduced our initial franchise fee by 50%, which is a savings of $15,000.

Your marketing fees will be spent on your business: For new business owners, marketing is often one of the most important pieces that entrepreneurs tend to get wrong right out of the gate. To help you develop effective marketing strategies during your first year, our Pioneer Program redirects your marketing fees back into your business.

We help you with everything from:

  • Developing a micro-website for your business
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Increased online visibility
  • Blog posts to help you communicate with your market

1 on 1 consultation with CEO Travis Powell: For the first year in your business, Travis Powell will personally mentor you on how to effectively get your business off the ground. He will host weekly meetings that will cover everything from your sales strategy, your staff matrix, and help you find ways to increase profitability and grow your business. He will also be available to answer any questions that you may have. This valuable mentorship will be a 1 on 1 course from the person who knows your business inside and out.

10% Discount of Computer Hardware: To help reduce your initial costs, Essential Pros Pioneer Program also includes 10% off of computer hardware for your first year in business through our partner vendor. This will help you save big on necessary purchases such as computers, monitors, routers, switchers and more.

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