Why Staffing Franchises Are More Relevant Than Ever Before

Rapidly Changing Workforce Means Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

“The Great Resignation,” “The Great Reshuffle,” “The Big Quit” – whatever you want to call it, the past few years have seen an ongoing phenomenon within the American workforce where an unprecedented number of employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs for better opportunities. Of course, it all started in 2020 with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused workers to rethink their work-life balance and feel a greater sense of entitlement for better pay, benefits, and upward mobility. In 2021, for instance, an estimated 47 million quit their job, truly uncharted territory for the American economy!

This trend has shown little signs of slowing down. According to Statista, the number of Americans leaving their jobs remains incredibly high, at 4.06 million. The amount of job openings, too, shot back up to 10.72 million this September. Indeed, the labor market is still experiencing a period of extreme fluctuation.

“I certainly think that the pandemic has led many people to reevaluate their work, their priorities, and what they want to do,” Elise Gould, senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, told Business Insider.

Employment Numbers Back on Top

According to most economic experts, however, 2023 is shaping up to be the best year for employment numbers. Indeed, for 2023, an increase of nearly 2 million employed people is expected, creating an amazing opportunity for those in the staffing industry. Get ready for what Forbes magazine calls “The Great Rebalance.”

“The jobs market is more likely to regain its balance – no more unsustainable levels of vacancies or talent shortages – with the correct number of jobs vacant for the candidates available, or certainly closer than it has been in the past year,” Forbes wrote. “For business leaders, 2023 presents an opportunity – perhaps not for growth but for reflection. Now’s the time to take stock and improve working conditions, ready for recovery when employees and candidates once again favor those employers who create open, flexible, and healthy workplaces where they can thrive.”

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Employers are Looking to Staffing Agencies

With the increase of employment, more businesses are looking for the right workers, which is where Essential Pros steps in, one of the leading staffing agencies in the country. Hiring new employees is costly and time consuming. According to industry studies, the average time it takes to hire a new employee is at least 36 days – that’s an incredible amount of time to have a vacant position! What’s more, according to a Glassdoor study, the average cost to hire just one employee is an estimated $4,000! And, by the end of that process, there’s no guarantee that employees will work out: one third of new employees quit after about six months.

That’s why so many employers – and job seekers – turn to staffing agencies. Essential Pros takes the time to create a perfect match between the employer and employee, which is a win-win for everyone. For employers, we remove the financial and time-consuming burden of hiring a new employee. Our robust and intensive hiring process makes sure you find the right employee for the job who is there for the long-term. And for job seekers, Essential Pros takes the time to get to know candidates to ensure: the job you are entering is the job you applied for, and it meets all your career and financial goals.

“Essential Pros does everything other agencies say that they do, but they don’t,” says Travis Powel, CEO and founder of Essential Pros. “We check references – meaning, we actually call their references. We drug test. And we share this information with our clients, which gives them the peace of mind that we’ve actually done what we’ve said we were going to do. This is the reason that after 16 years in business, Essential Pros hasn’t lost a single client – and that’s saying something, considering we’ve expanded to five locations in new markets in that period of time. That’s our Essential Difference.”

Standout with an Essential Pros Franchise

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity with a franchise at the right time, at the right place, it’s Essential Pros. Amid the $137 billion and growing staff industry, Essential Pros stands out because of its exceptional track record of growth, all due to a business model that’s easy to operate and is proven to deliver results to our clients.

Essential Pros franchise owners have minimal back office work, with our support teams taking care of payroll, invoicing accounts, as well as the many administrative tasks that take up a day. All this means franchise owners can focus on growing their business and save money with little staff required. And, Essential Pros has removed the greatest barrier in small business ownership, with total costs to open ranging around $136,350 to $221,500. The best part? Our business model is designed to start making profits from day one, with our average office generating more than $3 million in sales a year!

“One thing people don’t know about the staffing industry is that it’s a high sales business,” says Travis Powell, CEO and founder of Essential Pros franchise. “It’s a great time to join Essential Pros today, because we’ve developed a business model over the past 16 years that has proven to work. We’ve been enormously successful and have grown consistently year-over-year. Now we want to share our proven business model with entrepreneurs who want to join a dynamic industry and own a business that truly makes an impact in their communities.”

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