Why a Staffing Franchise is a Wise Investment

Owning an Essential Pros staffing franchise is an enriching opportunity that will put you in the center of your local economy

People who succeed in the $137 billion staffing industry love people. They understand that connecting workers with quality employers is as close to the American Dream as you can get. The fact that our Essential Pros franchise opportunity can be a highly lucrative enterprise – with high-margins, low ongoing costs, and a constantly renewing customer base – is secondary for entrepreneurs who want to own a business that allows them to drive their local economy.

There is simply no other business opportunity that will put you in the center of the action, quite like a staffing business. Every day, you will help connect individuals who need employment to earn a living for themselves and their families with high-quality employers. Over the past 14 years in business, Essential Pros has helped thousands of individuals find meaningful work and has helped hundreds of companies fill urgent positions with the best people for the job.

And if you franchise with Essential Pros, this is exactly what you will be doing.

“The people that you work with each day, the applicants that you help find a new career, and the companies that are relying on you to find the best people makes this an extremely rewarding career,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros. “This is a really unique industry. You get to work with a lot of different people every day. You get to learn about different companies, how they work, what they need, and how their businesses impact your community. This is a very people-focused business. You see your clients on the weekends, at ball games, at school events, at business functions, and it doesn’t feel like a transaction, it feels like you’re helping people, because you are.”

Essential Pros Staffing Franchise Stands Out By Getting Staffing Right

The staffing industry is booming. According to the American Staffing Association, the staffing industry has been growing at twice the rate of the normal economy since the Great Recession. Every year, more than 17 million people find work through a staffing agency, and with the workforce projected to increase to 163 million by 2022, the staffing boom is poised to continue well into the future.

As with any booming industry, the competition is strong. The American Staffing Association reports that there are more than 20,000 staffing companies in the United States, with more than 39,000 total offices. As strong as the competition may be, not all staffing agencies are equal. For starters, employers are twice as likely to pick a staffing agency based on positive reviews and a good reputation, according to Career Builder, and 75% of job applicants are less likely to apply for a job with a staffing agency that has a bad reputation.

essential pros franchise

This means that in order to stand out, you need to get the basics right – and this is exactly where Essential Pros excels. Since our founding in 2007, Essential Pros has established ourselves as a brand with an Essential Difference: We Do Everything Other Staffing Agencies Say They’re Going to Do, But They Don’t.

When an applicant walks through our doors, we meet with them face to face. We learn about their goals, their work histories, and ask them to explain any long gaps in work. We take the time to check their references and conduct a drug test, so that by the end of the process, we can vouch that our applicants are a perfect fit for our clients.

“We meet people at a crossroads,” says Nicole Powell, Vice President of Essential Pros. “Our clients might be scaling up for a new project or are coming up on a busy time of year. Our applicants are looking at a new career and they have a desire to improve themselves. It’s so rewarding to be able to meet the needs of our clients, while also helping individuals better themselves at the same time.”

Essential Pros is a Rewarding and Fun Business to Own

As the owner of an Essential Pros franchise, you will watch countless people transform their lives for the better. Using our structured process to help identify which people are the best fit for your clients, you will get to experience how transformative this business can be on a daily basis. Because our process lends itself to long-term client relationships, you will get to know exactly how you can best help your clients, as well as get to know the people who will be walking through your doors seeking work.

“We have countless stories of people that we’ve helped get work,” Powell says. “One story that always sticks with me is of a man that we placed for a job in a manufacturing facility. He excelled there, so much so that he wound up buying the company and now uses us as his staffing agency. It’s just one example as to how powerful and meaningful this work truly is, and we want to help other entrepreneurs own a business that truly helps people.”

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