How Will We Support You?

Essential Pros franchise has world-class support to help you thrive in business

The decision to take advantage of our staffing franchise opportunities is the decision to never be alone in your business. Our exceptional, world-class support is far and beyond what other brands in the $137 billion staffing industry offer. We provide everything you’ll need to establish your business in your community and thrive over the long-term. Whether you’re new to the staffing industry or are a seasoned veteran, our proven systems and processes, turn-key business model and back-end support offer the potential to achieve remarkable results.

Our commitment to helping franchisees thrive is the result of culture: Essential Pros is a family business. Our founder and CEO Travis Powell works side by side with his wife Nicole, who is Vice President, and together they run five offices in Nebraska, with a staff of experts who have been with the company for years.

The fact that Essential Pros is a family business matters because staffing is a relationship business.

“We want our franchise owners to become like a member of our family,” Nicole Powell says. “We’re going to work day-in and day-out to help them succeed, because we know that if they’re successful, so are we.”

From day one and every day after, Essential Pros offers industry-leading, world-class support that is designed to help you thrive in business.

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This is how we do it:

Essential Pros Franchise Pre-Opening Support

Territory – Essential Pros franchise owners will be granted a territory based on population and employment numbers, and the market will be defined by ZIP codes and/or street addresses. During the discovery process, franchise candidates will be provided a detailed explanation of the anticipated territory boundaries.
Site Selection – Location, location, location is the first step to establishing a successful company. We will work closely with you and your Realtor to find the best and most attractive location. Having an attractive location creates the image you want, and a great location will bring you the applicant flow needed to be successful. You will be provided with sample floor plans, pictures, and an outline of items you need to consider when selecting the best location for your new office.
Training and Development – Our company was developed and grew with a focus on sales and customer service. Essential Pros and every function have been built on a proactive sales approach, growing and developing relationships, and providing exceptional customer service within every interaction of our company. Our training program will take new franchisees through every step of the business, preparing them to operate their own business. In addition to the initial franchise set up and training, Essential Pros has developed an online learning platform, Essential YOUniversity, to strengthen knowledge and to assist with training new staff.

Ongoing Support

Field Support – Support is critical to the success of each of our franchisees. We are available to provide support in all aspects of the business: such as sales management, negotiating staffing agreements, recruiting talent, advertising and marketing, bottom-line profitability, business management and operations. Each function is critical to maximize profitability and income.
Information Technology – As an Essential Pros franchise owner, you will gain access to industry-leading technology to operate your business. Technology is a critical part of the business, as well as the support you need. We have a professional IT firm that you will be able to leverage to assist with network setup and ongoing support. Essential Pros will also provide support on the staffing industry specific technology used to run your business. This leading ATS and CRM will allow you to source, recruit, do sales and build relationships while having all the information in one convenient location.
Payroll – We do the payroll for you, so you can focus on sales, recruiting and filling job opportunities; allowing you to maximize profitability. The payroll process is simple for you; approve the hours and submit them, and we will take care of the rest.
Vendor Procurement – We have established relationships with some of the best vendors who focus on the staffing industry. They understand the industry and have provided competitive pricing to improve your bottom line. Some of these vendors include, but are not limited to, business and workers compensation insurance, drug and background screening, recruiting and information technology.
Billing and Collections – Our experienced back office team at our corporate headquarters will complete all invoicing for you, including monitoring accounts receivable and collections. This proven process has improved payment time from clients. The franchisee is only involved when clients become unresponsive and seriously late. As part of managing your accounts receivables, we will provide you with a report of the status of each account and what actions have been taken.
Marketing – Marketing resources you can count on! We will provide many resources through our Marketing Library at no cost that will assist with sales and recruiting efforts, and help you reach your goals. The resources that will be available range from print to social media and mass communications. We will assist with coordinating a ribbon-cutting for the grand opening, and help get the message out about the new business location.
Risk Management – We are here to help your office minimize risk, so you can limit revenue and profit loss. We do this by teaching you best practices with client selection, job site evaluations, and candidate selection. Our support team can assist with human resources, unemployment, labor law, benefits, workers compensation, general liability and many more.
Essential YOUniversity – Continued training is how you gain the knowledge you need to be successful. That is why we have created the Essential YOUniversity, an online learning portal of processes, techniques and best practices to operate your successful staffing company. This also gives franchise owners a tool to train their own staff so they can become successful quickly.
Website – Each franchisee will have a specifically created micro-site designed for their location, helping with visibility to drive applicant traffic and new clients to their location. In addition, all of the franchisees jobs will feed to the company job board, creating greater exposure. These jobs will also feed to job board aggregators and other national job boards that the franchisee chooses.

What We Expect From You and What You Can Expect From Us

Your Role

  • Sales and Client Acquisition
  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Help People Find a New Career
  • Grow and Develop your team
  • Pre-payroll Time Entry
  • Build relationships within your community and with businesses
  • Grow your company!

Our Role

  • Process payroll for contingent employees
  • Health insurance processing for contingent employees
  • Payment processing
  • Client Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable Tracking and Collections
  • Risk Management and Compliance Support
  • IT Help Desk Support
  • ATS/CRM Technology provided
  • Office Opening Support
  • Marketing Strategy and Support
  • Vendor Procurement
  • Training
  • Field Support
  • Job Board and Micro-site provided

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