Why Regional Managers Are Perfect For Essential Pros Franchise

Regional Managers Carry Unique Skill Sets

Regional Managers, truly, do it all. Staffing, profit planning, performance, operations, internal communication, project management, meeting goals and objectives – these are just a few of the many responsibilities that fall on a regional manager to make a business thrive. As the backbone of a company, regional managers oversee the operations of offices across a defined territory, and must ensure the entire team is on the same page and headed toward growth.

So what makes a great regional manager? For starters, you have to have the ability to multitask, as every day, minute to minute, brings another new task or challenge. You must have a deep knowledge of your market, develop a budget, and ensure your team meets its goals and objectives. You also have to have great problem solving stills and motivate your staff. Just as important, you have to have a passion for building relationships, communication, and customer service. And that’s not all – regional managers, time and again, exhibit a skill for efficiency and getting the job done.

“Great leaders discover what is universal and capitalize on it,” according to a report in Harvard Business Review. “Their job is to rally people toward a better future. Leaders can succeed in this only when they can cut through differences of race, sex, age, nationality, and personality and, using stories and celebrating heroes, tap into those very few needs we all share. The job of a manager, meanwhile, is to turn one person’s particular talent into performance. Managers will succeed only when they can identify and deploy the differences among people, challenging each employee to excel in his or her own way.”

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Why Essential Pros Franchise

Essential Pros’ mission is simple: to connect quality people with quality work. As one of the premier staffing agencies, Essential Pros has helped both employers find the perfect employees, and job seekers land promising careers. Essential Pros take the time to get to know both the needs of the employer and job seeker, to make sure the employment placement is the right fit for both sides. That’s why Essential Pros has built a reputation within the staffing agency as a company with a systematic approach to hiring unlike anything else in the industry.

We’ve found that regional managers make for great Essential Pros franchisees. First and foremost, Essential Pros franchisees must build relationships within their communities, both with employers and job seekers, in order to generate leads. Much like a regional manager, Essential Pros franchise owners become embedded in their community and know all the ins and outs of the economic climate. Plus, Essential Pros franchisees are great communicators. In fact, it’s one of the key skill sets that helps make sure we’re placing job seekers in the right employment opportunity. Franchise owners also manage a team, must maximize efficiency and multi-task. More than ever, the staffing agency industry is a fast-paced environment that is always exciting and contributes to getting communities healthy across the U.S.

“The people that you work with each day, the applicants that you help find a new career, and the companies that are relying on you to find the best people makes this an extremely rewarding career,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros. “This is a really unique industry. You get to work with a lot of different people every day. You get to learn about different companies, how they work, what they need, and how their businesses impact your community. This is a very people-focused business. You see your clients on the weekends, at ball games, at school events, at business functions, and it doesn’t feel like a transaction, it feels like you’re helping people, because you are.”

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Are you a regional manager looking to take the next step and get more out of your career? Countless regional managers have discovered Essential Pros as one of the best investment opportunities that will lead you toward your dream of running your own business. To learn more, visit our research pages here or request more information here.