Why You Should Start a Staffing Agency in 2021

Make a difference in your community and take control of your future at the same time by owning a staffing agency business

The last year has caused so many people to reevaluate their lives in profound ways, including their career choices. With so many people transitioning into new fields of work, and with so many businesses hiring, now is a smart time to start a staffing agency business. 

Essential Pros has emerged as an industry leader in the $160 billion staffing industry, which helps businesses save both money and time by recruiting the right workers for the right positions, while at the same time helping workers land quality jobs.

Last year’s pandemic caused a shakeup to America’s economy like never before seen. Now, as the country reopens, people are getting back to work, changing jobs and looking for the right opportunity. One industry study from the Conference Board of Labor Markets Institute found that five to six million jobs could be added in the coming months of 2021. 

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That’s why there’s no better time to start a staffing agency franchise like Essential Pros, which is expected to be at the forefront and play a significant role in rehiring during this period of transition in the country. Finding qualified employees is a challenge for any company, yet remains an essential part of running a business, and Essential Pros has developed a business model that makes it easier for all.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Essential Pros provides one of the best returns on investment in the industry.

The United States is expected to have one of the highest growth rates for jobs, a record $542 billion in revenue by 2024, and as part of that rebuild, Essential Pros is positioned to help local economies get going again by getting workers in the right job.

“We know 2021 is going to be an amazing year for growth, sales, and profitability,” says Travis Powell, CEO and founder of Essential Pros. “We’re looking forward to the future success of our franchisees as they continue to provide for their communities and stimulate the local economy.”

For people looking to start a staffing agency, Essential Pros has structured its franchise process to be affordable and easy to scale. For a limited time, incentives include 50% off the franchise fee. And, all marketing fees will be put back into growing your business. But most importantly, new franchisees will have one-on-one access to CEO and founder Travis Powell.

Once up and running, the Essential Pros business model offers high margins, as businesses place a premium, and are willing to pay, to find top talent in their field. Essential Pros also places an emphasis on securing long-term contracts for businesses, conducting in-person interviews, and vets candidates both on professional qualities as well as character.

“The interest Essential Pros is generating from entrepreneurs has been phenomenal,” says Powell. “One thing people don’t know about the staffing industry is that it’s a high sales business. Our average office produces over $2 million in annual sales and is exceedingly affordable to own. Our franchisees are set to grow quickly.”

Bring Essential Pros Staffing Franchise to Your Community

If you want to own a potentially lucrative business that helps build your local community and national economy, an Essential Pros franchise is a smart business to own. Learn more today!