Essential Pros is opening a New Office in Atlanta!

Come visit the grand opening of Essential Pros in Buford, Georgia on November 15th!

Businesses looking for employees and job seekers searching for the perfect fit, listen up! Hiring just got a lot easier in Atlanta with the grand opening of an Essential Pros Franchise location on November 15.

Essential Pros is one of the leading staffing agencies in the county, finding employment for millions of people looking for work. And what sets Essential Pros apart from competitors in the $160 billion staffing industry? Instead of shuffling workers into jobs they don’t like or aren’t a right for, we take the time to make sure the position is a perfect fit both for the employer and employee.

This work could not come at a more important time as America faces an unprecedented staffing shortage. One industry study from the Conference Board of Labor Markets Institute found that five to six million jobs could be added in the coming months of 2021. Working to be part of the solution, Essential Pros has placed thousands of workers into meaningful careers.

On November 15, we welcome the grand opening of a brand-new Atlanta office at 1550 Buford Highway, Suite C in Buford, Georgia.

Owner Andrew Young has served 19 years in the United States Army and has developed a well-rounded background in management, leadership and human resources. He now holds a certification in Technical Business Management and has completed a range of expert courses on finance, business and management skills.

“Now more than ever, quality staffing services are essential to the economy and business,” says Travis Powell, Founder and CEO of Essential Pros. “Our franchise model allows for people who are driven and motivated, just like Mr. Young, to take our proven, essential services to a variety of markets. We are confident in Mr. Young’s abilities to take our brand to great places in the metro Atlanta area.”

Young joined Essential Pros last year after multiple industry experts recommended the staffing industry as a viable and lucrative career.

“He had multiple people recommend the staffing industry and we couldn’t be more excited to have him represent Essential Pros in Georgia,” Powell said.

Essential Pros is actively taking applications for warehouse, distribution and forklift operations serving northeast Atlanta.

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