Job Security in Entrepreneurship and Automation With Essential Pros

What you need and who you need to own a staffing franchise in an economy full of seekers.

You don’t need business experience to own a staffing franchise with Essential Pros, you simply need to enjoy helping people. They offer support, business models, and most of all, real people to guide you through the process. Technological advancements, especially the rise of machines, can cause fear mostly due to the potential threat of automation replacing real peoples’ jobs. Although career anxiety is spiking in 2020, the staffing industry provides genuine job security since it needs empathic and understanding people to work towards a common goal. Companies rely on agencies to find the best fit for their open positions, while job seekers want to find the best companies that fit their wants and needs. In order to successfully place the two together, this requires real conversations – ones that cannot be had through automated services. 

At Essential Pro’s staffing franchise, they know, “it costs money, time, and effort for a company to recruit employees, and the costs are especially high if a worker turns out to be the wrong fit.” Automation can diminish a level of understanding between two entities and even deplete business knowledge because it creates a level of abstraction between the employee and the business process ( Computerized systems are made to be a decision-maker, however, determining compatibility should be a decision made together. Employees deserve to feel that their talents are being utilized, while companies want to build trusting relationships with their colleagues. Essential Pros believe in humanizing and tailoring the staffing industry because people want to feel safe and regarded, especially during this time of uncertainty.

“While other industries have been negatively impacted by automation, technological advancement and continued innovation, the staffing industry has continued to grow, and the reason why is simple: employers still need help finding the best people for the job.”

Essential Pros Staffing Franchise employee meeting with client

Why the middle of a pandemic provides much opportunity for entrepreneurship in the staffing franchise industry

Since March 6th, 40 million people have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. As the jobless muted their daily 9-5 routine, many took the chance to reevaluate their career choices. They began asking themselves hard questions like: Am I happy with my work environment? Does my job title match my passion or skill set? What is my work/life balance? Does my career empower me? For many, the answers would encourage a new path. Essential Pro’s staffing franchise is an opportunity to take control of the path and life you want without allowing the state of the economy to dictate your future. 

The timing of a new path with the Essential Pros staffing franchise might surprise you. Although the pandemic has created many questions, it’s timing might be a solution to taking back control of your career. Unemployment has generated eager job hunters, and it’s now an employers market with high-quality people looking for jobs. This is an opportunity to hire talented and valuable associates that fit into your business picture. As a franchisee, you also experience the only real truth in job security: The only way to establish security in your career is to own the business. You will have to invest in yourself and your worth ethic because you are ultimately responsible for the results.  

Forbes Council Member and franchise coach, Faizun Kamal, writes, “Entrepreneurship encompasses two sides of the same coin: risk and reward…Franchise ownership is unique in that through its proven business model, it reduces financial risk considerably while increasing the potential upside for its franchises. It is a way to get into entrepreneurship with less risk and greater efficiency.” In a strong economy, more people are willing to weigh risk and reward and therefore jump into business. In this economy, the Essential Pro staffing franchise is not only in demand, but also defeating competition as more and more similar companies close.

 “The fact that owning an Essential Pros franchise can be a highly lucrative enterprise – with high-margins, low ongoing costs, and a constantly renewing customer base – is secondary for entrepreneurs who want to own a business that allows them to drive their local economy.”

Invest in an Essential Pros staffing franchise today! 

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