Help Your Local Economy Grow With a Staffing Business

An Essential Pros Staffing franchise is a best-bet investment for entrepreneurs seeking an easy-to-scale, high-margin business

This is a good time to be in the staffing business. Since mid-March, more than 42 million Americans have applied for unemployment, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, which means that millions of people are now actively looking for work.

Now more than ever, both businesses and job seekers are relying on staffing agencies to make quality connections for temporary and long-term employment. For entrepreneurs seeking a high margin business that places them at the center of their local economy, Essential Pros Staffing is a smart choice.

Since our founding 13 years ago, Essential Pros has grown to multiple locations throughout Nebraska where we have earned a reputation for delivering the best placements for our clients. Even better, our thriving staffing business has created a business model that is easy-to-manage, quick-to-scale and generates high sales margins. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and back-end office support, our franchise owners are able to focus on not only growing their businesses and driving sales, but also connecting quality people with quality work.

“There’s never been a better time to invest in an Essential Pros franchise,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros. “It’s getting harder for companies to fill positions, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients get the right workers. We’ve spent the past several years investing in technology and building the back-end support that takes all the guesswork out of the business model, and provides a structured approach that is simple to implement, easy to run and quick to scale.”

Essential Pros Staffing agency Franchise workers in a meeting

Owning an Essential Pros Staffing Franchise Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

It may come as a surprise, but Essential Pros Staffing is one of the most affordable opportunities in the booming $160 billion staffing industry. The total investment to begin operations of a new Essential Pros franchise ranges from $136,350 to $221,500. We provide a range of total costs to invest because items such as rent, payroll, signage and more vary from market to market.

Moreover, as we expand across the nation for the first time, our staffing franchise offers several tremendous competitive advantages in the form of back-office support as well as proven leadership from our executive team. Even better, early adopters of our staffing franchise will benefit from our new Pioneer Program, which is designed to help our first class of franchise owners succeed in their first year of business. As part of the program, new franchisees will receive reduced fees, personalized coaching, marketing support and more.

“When I started this business in 2007, in the midst of the Great Recession, I had to do everything myself,” says Powell. “I spent years refining the business model and entering new markets to ensure that our model was not only scalable but that our success was replicable. In 2020, we’re one of the most successful staffing businesses in Nebraska, and now that we’re franchising, we want to shorten the learning curve, and help our franchise owners thrive right out of the gate. This is what we’re going to achieve through our Pioneer Program.”

Are you ready to be at the center of your local economy? Invest in an Essential Pros staffing franchise today

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