Why a Staffing Business is All About Relationships

Essential Pros franchise owners are exceeding expectations through connection

Unemployment continues to be a topic of discussion in today’s economy and staffing agencies are benefiting. Whether it be good or bad news across our screens, the wishes of employers and the urgency of employees continue to be eased through companies like Essential Pros staffing franchise.

Essential Pros helps connect people that want to work with the companies that need them. Our franchise owners are specialized recruiters that become a prominent part of their local economies for one main reason: we focus on relationships.

Skilled talent is always in high demand and more than often difficult to find. But matching the wants of a company to the needs of those searching for work doesn’t prove successful or helpful if those wants and needs are not aligned. Essential Pros listens to who and what each client needs. As a franchise owner, you not only cultivate healthy relationships through support and security, but you also profit from them.

“This is a really unique industry,” says Travis Powell, CEO, and Founder. “You get to work with a lot of different people every day. You get to learn about different companies, how they work, what they need, and how their businesses impact your community.” 

Essential Pros Staffing Franchise smiling female employee

If you invest in relationships, you invest in your business

Essential Pros meet face-to-face in order to learn about personal and business goals, the history of their clients, and their character. Getting to know the humans behind the pages of a resume means an honest and appropriate understanding of where their qualities fit best. Getting to know the company behind the office walls means conveying their brand message, learning their environment, and rending the right candidate to support all of the above. 

Strong relationships are rooted in the investment of people. At any company, a new hire means investing time and training. Therefore, investing in relationships means you are investing in your business.  Experienced staffing agencies know your company and your industry by getting to know you as people. In a similar fashion, getting to know the individuals in the job market serves to better the long-term success of pairing employer to employee. Essential Pros combine refined relationships with expertise like proven screening, interviewing, and training processes. This dual service is the force behind Essential Pros success rate. 

“We have countless stories of people that we’ve helped get work,” Powell says. “One story that always sticks with me is of a man that we placed for a job in a manufacturing facility. He excelled there, so much so that he wound up buying the company and now uses us as his staffing agency. It’s just one example as to how powerful and meaningful this work truly is, and we want to help other entrepreneurs own a business that truly helps people.”

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