Should I Start My Own Staffing Franchise?

Why Franchise Today?

The franchise industry is booming as people looking for all the benefits of being an entrepreneur, along with the resources of a big company, find the franchise model is the best path for a lucrative career. For so many Americans, franchising allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their own business, with all the support and help of a stable corporate backing that has a track record for success. It’s why Forbes magazine recently called 2022 the “Year of the Franchise.” And the staffing franchise industry has emerged as one of the best bet opportunities in the franchise world.

At its core, the staffing industry’s task is simple: help employers find the perfect candidate, as well as help job seekers find the job they’re looking for. “Recruiting” identifies and encourages potential job seekers to apply for positions, while “staffing” hires the best qualities candidates for the job. This work has become more important than ever after the events of the past two years have completely shaken the American economy and labor force.Essential Pros Staffing Franchise industry workers in a meeting

The Staffing Industry Bouncing Back

The staffing industry has grown to an astonishing $500 billion a year industry. According to Verified Market Research, the industry is expected to hit nearly $570 billion by 2028. It’s not hard to see why: companies and businesses will always be in the search to hire qualified candidates, while at the same time, people are always looking for jobs. Essential Pros have proven to be a service that is critical and necessary to the function of the American economy, no matter what obstacles – recessions or pandemics – are thrown in its path. According to the American Staffing Association, more than 3 million workers seek out staffing agencies every week, and staffing agencies help more than 17 million workers find work every year.

Like all industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, the staffing industry initially took a hit. But unlike some sectors, the staffing industry has rebounded beyond expectation, and is only projected to increase in the coming years as the workforce shuffle continues, otherwise known as “The Great Resignation.” After years of steady growth, the staffing industry decreased 11% in 2020. The next year, however, the industry made up those losses, and it was projected the industry would increase yet another 8% in 2022. Already, the staffing industry is back to 2017 levels and quickly rising, further proof there is definitely a booming future in the sector.

Why Franchise with Essential Pros?

At Essential Pros, we’ve developed a low-investment business model that generates high sales margins, is simple to run and quick to scale. Indeed, one of our core missions is to provide an accessible, low barrier opportunity for the right entrepreneurs. That’s why the total cost to open a franchise ranges from $136,350 to $221,500. Essential Pros offer strong unit level economics. According to the most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, our average storefront generates more than $3 million in average sales, and our highest performing store generates more than $5 million in gross sales.

Since Essential Pros was founded in 2007, we have developed an exceptional, world-class support network that is nowhere near what other brands offer in the $500 billion staffing industry. From day one, our franchisees have all the support and resources at their disposal to help their businesses thrive.

Ongoing franchise support

Get ready, this is going to be a lot, because we offer a lot.

From day one, our franchisees are granted a territory based on population and employment numbers, and we help secure the best location possible that will get your franchise the best exposure in your community. Then, our training and development program helps you become the expert in our proactive sales approach, growing and developing relationships and providing the best customer service around.

Once up and running, we take the burden off franchisees to allow them to focus on growing their business. We offer help with sales management, negotiating staffing agreements, recruiting talent, advertising and marketing, bottom-line profitability, business management and operations assistance. We also have a professional IT firm that assists with network setup, which allows you to source, recruit, do sales and build relationships. On top of that, our team takes care of payroll, billings and collections, and all invoicing so you can focus on sales, recruiting, and filling job opportunities. For the life of the franchise, we are with you every step of the way, only a phone call away.

Ready to Invest in the Staffing Franchise Industry?

Now is truly an exciting time to be part of the staffing franchise industry, and there’s no better opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs than an Essential Pros staffing franchise. America’s workforce is seeing unprecedented shakeups, and the service Essential Pros provides is critical to keeping our economy running. At the same time, we’ve developed a tried-and-true business model that works, providing franchisees with the opportunity to own a rewarding business.

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