Thinking About Starting A Staffing Agency? Here Are 3 Reasons Why An Essential Pros Staffing Franchise Is A Smart Investment

The fast-growing staffing franchise is a low-cost investment that positions you as a key player in helping your local economy thrive

With businesses laying off and furloughing workers amid stay-at-home orders across the country, 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. During these challenging times, staffing agencies are proving to be more important than ever as they are not only looking to place skilled job seekers, but also help keep essential businesses staffed during this pandemic. 

For entrepreneurs looking to start their own recruitment franchise, Essential Pros Staffing should be number one on your list. Founded in 2007, Essential Pros has grown to multiple locations throughout Nebraska, where our reputation for delivering the best placements for our clients is highly regarded.  

As a franchise opportunity, Essential Pros offers several tremendous competitive advantages in the form of back-office support, proven leadership from our executive team and a business model that is straightforward, simple to run, quick to scale and maximizes profitability. This allows Essential Pros franchise owners to focus on growing their businesses and driving sales.

Even better, our rapidly expanding recruitment franchise’s commitment to help our franchisees thrive is the result of our culture: Essential Pros is a family business. Why is this important? Because staffing is a relationship business. Our founder and CEO Travis Powell works side by side with his wife Nicole, who is Vice President, and together they run five offices in Nebraska, with a staff of experts who have been with the company for years.

“We want our franchise owners to become like a member of our family,” Nicole Powell says. “We’re going to work day-in and day-out to help them succeed because we know that if they’re successful, so are we.”Essential Pros Staffing Franchise employees

Here are three reasons why you should consider joining the Essential Pros Staffing franchise family: 

Essential Pros is an affordable opportunity

With the total cost to invest beginning at $136,350, Essential Pros is one of the most affordable businesses in the $160 billion staffing industry. The reason for the low cost of entry is simple: Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros, left a lucrative career in the banking industry to pursue a new career as the owner of a staffing franchise. As an entrepreneur, Powell knows that people invest real money, time and energy to start businesses, and keeping costs low is an essential part of helping a business succeed.

“The staffing industry gave me the chance to help people seeking to improve their lives, help businesses with urgent hiring needs and play a meaningful role in my community,” says Powell. “Now that we’ve proven the success of the Essential Pros business model can be replicable, I want to help as many entrepreneurs enter the staffing industry as I can. This is why the barriers to entry are low – because life isn’t about money, life is about doing something that you’re passionate about, day in and day out.”

Essential Pros is an essential business that meets a never-ending need 

The U.S. workforce is expected to reach 163 million by 2022, and millions of those workers will pass through staffing agencies on their way to finding temporary and long-term employment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, more than 3 million people seek out staffing agencies weekly, which help more than 17 million workers find work every year, according to The American Staffing Association. With almost $90 billion in annual revenue, the staffing industry is vital to the U.S. economy as a whole. The best part? As an Essential Pros franchise owner, you will be able to capture your share of it. 

You do not need any industry experience to succeed with Essential Pros 

Starting your own business may seem like a challenge – and it would be if you were doing it on your own. Whether you have industry experience or not, as an Essential Pros franchisee you will have access to our experienced leadership team and an industry-leading platform. From the moment your franchise agreement is signed, and every day after, our recruitment franchise will provide you with world-class training, support and more to help start and grow your business. 

Are you ready to be at the center of your local economy? Invest in an Essential Pros franchise today

For in-depth details about the Essential Pros franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.