Essential Pros Steps Up During Economic Uncertainty

Essential Pros is Ready for Economic Uncertainty

It appears a recession is headed our way, and nearly every top business leader is bracing for the impacts. According to a survey conducted by The Conference Board, 98% of chief executives in the U.S. are gearing up for a recession. But, according to that same survey, hiring shows no signs of slowing down. Almost half of business executives said they plan to hire more workers over the next 12 months. With the future of the economy uncertain, a staffing franchise can become a hot stop during times of need. Time and again, staffing agencies not only weather economic uncertainty, but also thrive, making it a truly recession proof industry.

Typically, during a recession, companies freeze hiring and cut back on workforce. Not so in the post-pandemic world, where staffing shortages continue to plague businesses. In May alone, 4.3 million people quit their jobs, a near record. Job openings have continued to remain high, a lingering effect of the pandemic expected to continue into the upcoming recession. As a result, companies continue to try to hire and retain staff, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the pandemic when workers were laid off. Now, companies want to be ready, fully staffed with capable workers, for whatever may come.

Staffing agencies are in a prime position to help companies weather the financial storm and keep the economy rolling. More than ever, staffing agencies are well equipped to help companies meet the demand for labor, which remains well above the number of available workers. During a recession, businesses focus on their bottom line, ensuring operations continue to run smoothly. Top-tier management doesn’t have the resources to constantly try to hire staff. That’s why staffing agencies play such a critical role, taking the burden off management and finding the perfect candidates.

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Essential Pros’ Strong Business Model

But not all staffing agencies are created equal. Essential Pros has perfected a business model over 16 years that generates high sales, is simple to run and quick to scale. With incredible backend support, franchise owners can focus on growing their business, driving sales, and making sure we’re doing our part to get quality candidates into quality jobs.

One key to Essential Pros’ growth is the markets we target. Typically, our services are best served in light-industrial, light manufacturing and agricultural segments, all businesses constantly in need of workers, recessions or not. Essential Pros also focuses on clerical and administration businesses, which always have a demand for labor, especially in times of economic uncertainty. What’s more, we’ve found great results in targeting small to mid-size markets, with populations as low as 25,000 people. Why? Because, typically, larger markets are oversaturated, and perhaps more importantly, focusing on smaller markets allows our teams to build deeper connections within the community. It’s what makes Essential Pros one of the most trusted names in the staffing agency industry.

“Essential Pros does everything other agencies say that they do, but they don’t,” says Travis Powell, CEO and founder of Essential Pros. “We check references – meaning, we actually call their references. We drug test. And we share this information with our clients, which gives them the peace of mind that we’ve actually done what we’ve said we were going to do. This is the reason that after 14 years in business, Essential Pros hasn’t lost a single client – and that’s saying something, considering we’ve expanded to five locations in new markets in that period of time. That’s our Essential Difference.”

Ready to Own Your Own Staffing Agency Franchise?

Hard times may be ahead, but there’s no better investment opportunity that’s recession proof, and ready to weather the storm than Essential Pros. Though a recession may be on the horizon, businesses will always need to attract and hire qualified workers, and there’s just no better staffing agency in the industry than Essential Pros that can deliver results. To learn more, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today!