Why a Staffing Franchise is Exactly What Your Community Needs

Essential Pros is helping employers find the qualified employers they desperately need

By now, you’ve seen all the “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” signs outside businesses across the country as America experiences a staffing franchise crisis that’s crippling companies large and small.

But at Essential Pros, our expert staffing franchise team has helped countless business owners find the right candidate for their job opening, and in doing so, placed people seeking work in meaningful jobs.

“The staffing industry gave me the chance to help people seeking to improve their lives, help businesses with urgent hiring needs, and play a meaningful role in my community,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros. “Now that we’ve proven the success of the Essential Pros business model can be replicable, I want to help as many entrepreneurs enter the staffing industry as I can.”

Indeed, in the United States, a record 4 million people quit their jobs in April, including 649,000 retail workers. In June, there were a record 10.1 million job openings and 9.5 million unemployed people. And a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in September a staggering 7.7 million people remained unemployed.

But many industry experts say the staffing crunch isn’t so much a result of people not wanting to work. Instead, the COVID pandemic forced so many people to rethink their careers, priorities and life goals. And that’s where Essential Pros steps in to help.

Essential Pros Staffing franchise employees working

As all businesses experience a staffing shortage, Essential Pros franchisees take the worry away from business owners in their respective communities. That’s why our business model thrives in large markets, as well as smaller to mid-size markets, with populations as low as 25,00 people, allowing our franchise owners to become contributing community members.

For clients, Essential Pros staffing franchise helps identify which candidates are the best fit for their opening, thereby avoiding the costly and time intensive process of hiring. We always cross check an applicant’s work history, look for any potential long gaps of work, verify references and conduct a drug test. We also take the time to get to know candidates so both sides know they are a perfect match for each other.

Job seekers, too, approach new jobs with the peace of mind that great attention to detail has been given to make sure the position they are entering is what they expected and what they are looking for in a job. For starters, we get to know everyone who comes through our doors looking for work – their goals, and desires. As a result, Essential Pros has helped hundreds of people looking for work find meaningful work and fill urgent positions with the best fit for he job.

“We meet people at a crossroads,” Powell said. “Our clients might be scaling up for a new project or are coming up on a busy time of year. Our applicants are looking at a new career and they have a desire to improve themselves. It’s so rewarding to be able to meet the needs of our clients while also helping individuals better themselves at the same time.”

Bring Essential Pros Staffing Franchise to Your Community

If you want to own a potentially lucrative business that helps build your local community and national economy, an Essential Pros franchise is a smart business to own. Learn more today!