Essential Pros Franchisee: Andrew Young

US Veteran Finds Perfect Fit in Staffing Agency Franchise

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Andrew Young had spent a career of more than 20 years in the U.S. military when he left active duty in 2017. Having always wanted to be his own boss, Young found the perfect fit in Essential Pros, one of the premier staffing agencies in the country. “I realized with my military knowledge and background in a management role, Essential Pros was perfect for me,” Young said.

Young opened his first Essential Pros location in Georgia in December 2021, and has already gained nearly 15 clients in the area. Young has no plans to slow down. He hopes one day to pass on his franchise network to his children. “I made it clear I’m not looking for a 10 year investment,” he said. “I’m looking for something long-term I can pass along to my family and kids. I wanted to create a strong foundation, and that’s the opportunity I saw in Essential Pros.”

In this wide-ranging interview, Young talks about why Essential Pros stood out as a best-bet investment, what makes the brand stand out from competitors, and why now is the perfect time to run an Essential Pros.

What was it about Essential Pros that made you want to invest?

I was really sold on Essential Pros’ Pioneer Program, which offers hands-on training. It truly provides you all the knowledge you need to run this franchise. Not only that, the team and support group made it really easy for me to purchase and transition into owning a franchise location. Plus, they keep you completely up-to-date on all the software and technology coming down the line.

Did you have any prior experience in the staffing industry?

To be honest, I knew very little. But I started to do my own research, and I saw the numbers staffing agencies bring in annually, and it made perfect sense to invest in this industry more than any others. And within that industry, Essential Pros is what made the most sense.

So you looked at other staffing agencies to invest in?

I looked at several. But Essential Pros took the time to coach me through the process of getting the finance I needed to open a franchise. Not only that, Essential Pros gave me the support I needed to build this company. I’m constantly being trained on new programs, and we have a meeting every week just to see how business is going and how we can improve.

What was the Essential Pros training program like?

The training is first class. On top of that, the Essential Pros team would change their schedule to meet my needs, because I was still working a 9-5 job. Just having a virtual training system made a significant difference than just reading a book. For me, hands-on training is far better than reading a manual. So that made a significant difference for me.

When did you open your location, and how has business been?

I opened December 2021. It was stressful at first, like any new business you start. But Essential Pros was there for me every step of the way. So into the second quarter, I started gaining more clients. Now I’m up to 14 clients and we’re steadily growing, and I’d like to grow faster. We’re right on track for a business that’s been operating for 7-8 months. It’s steady growth, and we’re hitting our target goal we set in place. We’re slowly and surely breaking even in the business. Most businesses don’t break even until 3-5 years in. So that’s very significant.

Is there a big demand for Essential Pros services?

Here in Georgia, the demand is huge. There are hundreds of staffing agencies here. The market is very competitive, but the way we do business is the difference in why clients choose us over competitors. Plus, being ex-military helps. They know I have a work ethic and a high skill level.

How does Essential Pros separate itself from competitors?

The difference between Essential Pros and other staffing agencies is our screening process. We are screening people appropriately, making sure candidates looking for work are the perfect match for companies looking for candidates. We’re not just throwing them anywhere. We make sure they have the skills, they’re qualified, and they want to work. You want to make sure they are serious about work before putting it to work.

Would you recommend Essential Pros to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Oh yes. This is an honest company you can trust. The leadership team is incredibly upfront about running a franchise and potential challenges that lay ahead, and that’s huge. This is a professional organization.

Why is now a good time to invest in Essential Pros?

We’re seeing a lot of growth in the staffing industry. It’s one of the biggest and fastest growing organizations in the industry. Now is definitely the time to invest in staffing. Next year I want to build this to 2.5 million in sales, I think it’s doable. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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