How Essential Pros Staffing and Personnel Franchise Stands out from Spherion Franchise

Essential Pros staffing agency is a low investment, high ROI turnkey business focusing on the underserved small to mid-size market

Essential Pros staffing and personnel franchise stands out from Spherion franchise in several ways, from our focus on the underserved small to mid-size market to the mentorship our first class of franchise owners get with our CEO, Travis Powell, as he personally coaches them during their first-year of business.

photo of staffing and personnel team

We stand out from our competitors like Spherion Franchise in the $160 billion staffing industry with our exceptional track record of consistent growth and tremendous unit economics. Today our offices average more than $2 million in gross sales, according to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document.

The reason behind our growth? A streamlined business model and back-end support to help make our offices easy to run and quick to scale. While many staffing agencies focus on bustling metropolitan areas, Essential Pros thrives in smaller to mid-size markets. We focus on helping light manufacturing, agricultural and production businesses grow. We also recruit for clerical and professional clients as well, making for a potentially lucrative mix of clients. All of these efforts combined have helped us carve out a special niche in a rapidly growing segment that stands out from Spherion.

The staffing industry has grown to $160 billion annually, and that is because this business if done effectively, can be extraordinarily lucrative. “It’s an opportune time to open an Essential Pros staffing franchise, and we’ve streamlined the launch process so that you can quickly begin generating sales,” says Nicole Powell, vice president of Essential Pros.

“We wanted to make this business as turnkey as possible,” says Powell. “Our industry-leading back-end support keeps costs low on an ongoing basis and minimizes the stress of an owner so that they can focus their efforts on networking, marketing and generating sales. This is a sales business, and we need our franchise owners doing what they do best – making sales. We’ll take care of the rest.”

Essential Pros Pioneer Program guides you through first year of business

Launching your own business is a huge undertaking and the first year of operation is critical. The Essential Pros Pioneer Program is a program established to award early adapters and is designed to help you through your first year of business providing: 50 percent off the initial franchise fee, bringing it to a very affordable $15,000; marketing fees that go back into funding your business; one-on-one coaching from our CEO Travis Powell that includes weekly meetings; and a 10 percent discount on computer hardware for your office. With established brands like Spherion Franchise, franchisees do not benefit from such programs.

“We offer this level of support because this is how we’ve run our offices,” Powell says. “This is what has made our businesses profitable over the years. We’ve refined our business model, made investments in technology and back-end support to make owning Essential Pros as straightforward as possible. We’ve made mistakes, and we’ve learned from them, and franchising with us means that you don’t have to make the same mistakes we made. You can benefit from the strength of our business model.”

Owning an Essential Pros staffing franchise means you will play a vital role in your community: connecting workers with businesses that need them. As the owner, you will function as a CEO, spending your time networking and forging relationships with businesses in your community in order to win clients. We pride ourselves on upholding our promises with a systematic approach to hiring unlike anything else in the industry; we call this practice The Essential Difference. We conduct in-person interviews with all of our workers, and we assess individuals for relevant professional experience as well as character.

Founded in 2007, Essential Pros has grown to multiple locations throughout Nebraska, where our reputation for delivering the best placements for our clients is highly regarded.

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Essential Pros staffing and personnel franchise is the best investment for entrepreneurs seeking a rewarding business in need and in high demand. With an established business model that is simple to replicate, generating high sales margins, and initializing low costs, your investment is secure. To learn more about our franchise opportunities, fill out an inquiry form here.