Early Momentum in 2021 Signals Strong Growth for US Staffing Industry

Essential Pros recruitment franchise owners help rebuild the American workforce

As the American economy is getting back to work in a big way. The Conference Board Labor Markets Institute reports that five to six million jobs could be added in the upcoming months of 2021. This means that a recruitment franchise like Essential Pros will play a large role in helping the hiring businesses and corporations find the right people to fill the positions. This means that local economies will continue to be strengthened this year as more and more Americans find meaningful work.

people hired by recruitment franchise working

Essential Pros recruitment franchise excels at connecting job seekers with quality employers and restoring the American Dream. When you own an Essential Pros franchise, your business is essential – now more than ever.

With market demand growing and the need for employment coming in full steam, Essential Pros staffing franchise owners are set to profit as a driving force for economic growth in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

“The people that you work with each day, the applicants that you help find a new career, and the companies that are relying on you to find the best people make this an extremely rewarding career,” says Travis Powell, CEO, and Founder of Essential Pros. “This is a really unique industry. You get to work with a lot of different people every day. You get to learn about different companies, how they work, what they need, and how their businesses impact your community and the overall economy. Franchisees feel like they’re really helping people – because they are.”

Essential Pros franchise partners equipped to capitalize on major market demand with engineered specific programs

Employers will always need employees, just like those out of work will always search for a job. This creates an essential need for Essential Pro’s services and a constant stream of business for franchise owners.

After more than a decade of proving the business model, scaling to multiple locations, and building the support infrastructure to help businesses grow, Essential Pros is ready to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a business that makes a real difference.

With several locations scheduled to open in 2021 across several states, Essential Pros is rewarding early adopters of our business model through our newest Pioneer Program. This limited time offer makes the costs of ownership more affordable and provides a year of ongoing consultation with CEO and founder, Travis Powell.

“For entrepreneurs, this is an extremely affordable and rewarding opportunity – a chance to own a sales-driven business with unlimited profit potential,” says Powell. “I started Essential Pros in 2007 because I wanted to do something meaningful with my life. The staffing industry gave me the chance to help people improve their conditions and help businesses meet their needs. Now that we’ve proven the success of Essential Pro’s business model, I want to help as many entrepreneurs enter the staffing industry as I can. This is why the barriers to entry are low – because life isn’t about money, life is about doing something that you’re passionate about, day in and day out.”

Are You Ready to Open an Essential Pros Staffing Franchise?

If you want to own a potentially lucrative business that helps build your local community and national economy, an Essential Pros franchise is a smart business to own. Learn more today!