As the Labor Force Grows, So Will our Personnel Franchise

Owners of a personnel franchise are poised to do well as the labor force continues to grow

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the labor force is expected to grow by 8.9 million people by 2028. With this many people participating in the economy means that our personnel franchise is poised to grow right alongside the labor force in the coming years.

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The service sector, an area in which the staffing industry is of particular importance, is expected to grow rapidly. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the service sector is expected to add 7.6 million jobs, leading the labor force in terms of overall growth.

Staffing businesses like Essential Pros provide an invaluable service to businesses who simply do not have the time or money to make their own hiring decisions. As employment rapidly accelerates, businesses are going to rely on staffing firms to fill their positions with qualified people.

The reason why Essential Pros is so successful in helping businesses find the right people to fill open positions is that we vet our candidates extremely closely. We conduct in-person interviews and background checks, and we help candidates find roles that they’re not only qualified to perform, but also are interested in, to ensure the strongest likelihood of success. We even follow up with the businesses and the employees to check to see if both parties are satisfied.

We are reimbursed for efforts handsomely as businesses appreciate us finding the most qualified and professional candidates to work for them. More than that, our professionalism helps us build long-term relationships and puts us at the center of our local economies.

“One thing people don’t know about the staffing industry is that it’s a high sales business,” says Travis Powell, CEO, and founder of Essential Pros franchise. “Our average office produces over $2 million in annual sales and is exceedingly affordable to own. Our franchisees are positioned for rapid growth because we know 2021 is going to be an amazing year for growth, sales, and profitability. We’re looking forward to the future success of our franchisees as they continue to provide essential services to their communities and economies.”

Our limited time only Pioneer Program makes owning a staffing business more affordable than ever before

Because Essential Pros is a new staffing franchise, we’ve launched a Pioneer Program to help us find the right entrepreneurs to help grow our brand. Our pioneer franchise owners will help shape the culture of our franchise and will prove that our concept is a worthy investment to the next generation of franchise owners.

Our Pioneer Program is designed to make owning a staffing business more affordable than ever before.

We reduce our franchise fee by 50% and redirect all of your marketing fees back into your business, so that you can get established more quickly. You will also receive a year’s worth of mentorship and coaching from our CEO and founder Travis Powell. He will guide you through the early days of your business, ensuring that you get off on the right foot, and meet your sales goals.

We want our Pioneer franchise owners to have the resources they need in order to focus on growing their business. To learn more about our Pioneer Program, click here.

“We’ve spent years refining the business model and entering new markets to ensure that our model was not only scalable but also that success was replicable,” says Powell. “We want to shorten the learning curve and help our franchise owners thrive right out of the gate.”

Are you ready to support your local economy with an Essential Pros personnel franchise?

From day one and every day after, Essential Pros offers industry-leading, world-class support that is designed to help you thrive in business. For in-depth details about the Essential Pros franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.