65 Percent of Staffing Industry Consists of Women but the C-Suite is Dominated by Men

An Essential Pros recruitment franchise is a smart investment for women seeking to take control of their careers

The economy is opening back up and there are increasing opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially women seeking a sound investment and new career by owning an Essential Pros recruitment franchise.

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If you want to own a business that puts you in the center of your local economy in a fundamental way and take charge of your future, look no further than an Essential Pros staffing franchise.

For the past 14 years, Essential Pros has built a business model that generates high sales margins, is simple to run and quick to scale. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and exceptional back-end office support, Essential Pros franchise owners are free to focus on growing their businesses, driving sales, and getting the essential part right: connecting quality people with quality work.

We recently interviewed Essential Pros’ Vice President, Nicole Powell, about the many opportunities for women in the booming $160 billion staffing industry.

According to The American Staffing Association, the staffing industry has been growing at twice the rate of the normal economy since the Great Recession. Every year, more than 17 million people find work through a staffing agency, and with the workforce projected to increase to 163 million by 2022, the staffing boom is poised to continue.

Here’s what Nicole had to say about the talent and skills women bring to the staffing industry, the critical role relationships play in the staffing industry and the tremendous support that Essential Pros provides its network of franchisees.

A lot of people might think that staffing agencies help primarily male-dominated fields but in actuality, there are a lot of women to be helped as well. How do you think women benefit from this trend?

Women are really good at establishing relationships across any gender. They can connect with both male and female applicants, and they are just really good at having that intuition of knowing the right ways to handle problems and situations that may arise. I think that is why women are well-suited for the staffing industry.

What do you think women bring to the table as far as executive positions?

Many women are in sales and recruitment roles. Women have a really good intuition for matching good candidates with the client and that’s just one reason why they are so suited to the staffing industry. Plus, women are really good at building relationships, making them the perfect owner/CEO of an Essential Pros recruitment franchise.

The staffing industry is all about relationships. How important is developing relationships to becoming successful in this business?

At Essential Pros that is our No. 1 core value — establishing relationships. We make the relationship with the client and the applicant go much further than the day-to-day business interaction. The relationships that we carry forward with our clients really show how well we maintain clients and build rapport with people we serve, both job seekers and employers. We have several applicants that will refer people back to us because of the relationships we built and that’s the key component for all of our franchises, having that strong relationship with applicants and clients.

Can you explain what the Essential Difference is?

The Essential Difference is going beyond the transaction to really make sure that we are qualifying the applicants for our clients. We make sure to really listen during the entire sales process in order to ensure the client is getting taken care of. Ultimately, the essential difference helps us make sure our client is getting an applicant that fits their company culture and what they are looking for. The same applies to the applicants we work with. We don’t want to send the applicant to a position where they are not going to be suited or where they don’t fit culturally. I think that that is a really key differentiating piece between us and other staffing businesses.

Now more than ever with so many people out of work I would think there would be increased demand for staffing agencies. Do you find that to be true?

Most definitely. As economies start to open up the demand for goods and services, companies are going to have to ramp up their production and distribution quickly. At Essential Pros, we hope to be there to partner with those companies and meet their staffing demands. Again that goes back to giving them quality applicants that meet their short-term needs, as well as long-term projections for helping people find long-term jobs that truly fit what they are looking for.

Another big difference with Essential Pros recruitment franchise is all the support and technology you provide your franchisees. Talk a bit about how much support you provide franchisees.

I think that is an important piece for women in business. There are a lot of women in the staffing industry. And if they are thinking about starting something on their own a lot of times they don’t know what the first steps might be. However, by joining the Essential Pros family as a franchisee, we help them research the steps to open their business. We have a set timeline of the steps they need to take to do that. I think a lot of times women tend to be a little hesitant to take those first steps but if that is a goal that they have, Essential Pros franchising is the step that they would need to take to open that business. Another benefit of having an Essential Pros recruitment franchise is it takes off some of the pressure of women who don’t want to do back-office work like researching vendors. They want to do what they do best — connecting with clients and applicants. By having the Essential Pros franchise they get the support that they need to open their business and they can focus on the sales and the relationships.

Besides being great at relationships and being super passionate about connecting with people, what are some other qualities you look for in a great owner?

A good franchise owner would be someone that is a self-starter and motivated. Someone with real headstrong goals for their future and who wants to own their destiny. They want to be able to get the rewards for the work that they put into it.

Is there any particular professional experience you look for, like corporate experience?

No. I think that more than anything it goes with the drive to want to succeed and be an entrepreneur that is the skill that trumps any type of checklist of specific skill sets. They don’t even have to be business-oriented, because they will have the support for the back office through the Essential Pros recruitment franchise. So, if they feel like they are good at connecting with people and want to control their own destiny, that is really the formula.

Being part of a recruitment franchise is like being part of an extended family and you and Travis are always available and accessible to franchisees to mentor them and guide them. Would you talk a little about that?

Yes. This is another big step. I have a different skill set than Travis does, so we synergize together to perform for our franchisees. As a franchisee, you would be able to gain the benefit of both of our skillsets. You aren’t just out on your own just trying to start something. I think that is the biggest fear that a lot of women have in starting their own business is the question “Am I going to have the time to start a business, care for my family and have a checklist of things I am responsible for in my day?” Knowing you have someone to help you reach those career goals helps take some of the burden off. I am a big proponent that women need to control their own destinies and they need to write down their goals and focus on them. That is what is going to get women in business to the next level.

Why is now a good time to invest in Essential Pros?

There are a lot of factors that make now the perfect time. I think we are going to see the economy improve as things start to open back up from the pandemic. I think we are going to see improvement with companies utilizing the staffing industry because they won’t be able to meet the demand that they need for staffing in the traditional ways that they were used to.

I think that right now is more the time for women in business than ever before. It’s becoming easier for women to achieve management roles, ownership roles in companies, and to control their own destiny. So all of those things make now a more important time than ever for people to take that next step to reach their goals.

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