3 Ways Essential Pros Personnel Franchise Provides a Good Return on Investment

Owning a personnel franchise is a wise choice as America gets back to work

The labor force is the driving factor behind the U.S. economy – and America is ready to get back to work. A personnel franchise like Essential Pros are going to be at the forefront of helping businesses find the labor they need to get the economy rolling again.

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Why do business owners need staffing agencies? Finding qualified employees is a challenge that is a huge investment of time, money and resources that most business owners simply do not have. Yet, staffing remains an essential part of owning a business, running a business and making it successful.

Essential Pros personnel franchise is a recession-resilient investment opportunity that is much-needed in the American economy today. Here are three reasons why franchising with Essential Pros offers the potential for a good return on investment:

Essential Pros franchise is a recession-resilient business assisting local economies

In 2020, the American workforce faced some of the most drastic changes in history, but in January 2021, the unemployment rates continued to decrease, hitting 6.3 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

North America represents the fastest-growing region globally for staffing and recruitment, while the United States will experience the highest growth rate. It’s predicted to result in a record $542 billion in revenue by 2024.

As the U.S. economy continues its rebuilding process, Essential Pros is at the forefront of helping local economies get going again.

“The interest Essential Pros is generating from entrepreneurs has been phenomenal,” says Essential Pros President, Travis Powell. “We know 2021 is going to be an amazing year for growth, sales, and profitability. We’re looking forward to the future success of our franchisees as they continue to provide for their communities and stimulate the local economy.”

Pioneer Program makes owning a staffing business more affordable than ever before

To reward the early adopters of our business model, Essential Pros is offering numerous incentives to entrepreneurs ready to help grow our brand.

For a limited time only, Essential Pros is offering 50% off of our franchise fee, and all of your marketing fees will be spent on growing your business. Most importantly, our Pioneer Program offers one-on-one coaching with our CEO and founder, Travis Powell, who knows exactly what it takes to run a successful staffing business.

“We’ve spent years refining the business model and entering new markets to ensure that our model was not only scalable but also a success to replicability,” says Powell. “We want to shorten the learning curve and help our franchise owners thrive right out of the gate.”

Owning a personnel franchise offers high margins

Businesses place a premium on finding top talent and are willing to pay staffing agencies handsomely for their efforts.

Essential Pros is able to secure long-term contracts because we’re committed to doing everything the right way. We vet every candidate we bring on and conduct in-person interviews to ensure a person is a right fit for the job. Once the worker has the position, we do follow-up calls and check-ins to ensure that everything is running smoothly. These details are all too rare in the staffing industry, and it’s why Essential Pros has such a stellar reputation.

“One thing people don’t know about the staffing industry is that it’s a high sales business,” says Travis Powell, CEO, and founder of Essential Pros franchise. “Our average office produces over $2 million in annual sales and is exceedingly affordable to own. Our franchisees are set to grow quickly.”

Essential Pros franchise is an essential investment!

Essential Pros is the best investment for entrepreneurs seeking a rewarding business in need and in high demand. With an established business model that is simple to replicate, generating high sales margins, and initializing low costs, your investment is secure. To learn more about our franchise opportunities, fill out an inquiry form here.