3 Reasons to Invest in an Essential Pros Franchise

There’s never been a better time to open a staffing franchise than right now

If you’re ready to own a business that puts you at the center of your local economy, building relationships with businesses and helping people better themselves through employment, investing in an Essential Pros franchise is a wise choice.

Founded in 2007, Essential Pros has grown to multiple locations throughout Nebraska, where our reputation for delivering the best placements for our clients is highly regarded. As we begin to expand across the nation for the first time, Essential Pros offers several tremendous competitive advantages in the form of back-office support, proven leadership from our executive team and a business model that is straightforward, simple-to-run, quick-to-scale and maximizes profitability.

“There’s never been a better time to invest in an Essential Pros staffing franchise,” says Travis Powell, CEO, and Founder of Essential Pros. “Staffing is more relevant today than it was when I started this business five years ago. It’s getting harder and harder for companies to fill positions, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients get the right workers. We’ve spent the past several years investing in technology and building the back-end support that takes all the guesswork out of the business model, and provides a structured approach that is simple to implement, easy to run and quick to scale. We’re enormously proud of our growth, and as we begin franchise operations for the first time, we cannot wait to welcome more entrepreneurs to our franchise family going forward.”

The staffing industry is booming – and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon

If you’re not in the staffing industry, it might be easy to overlook just how vital it is to the economy as a whole. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US workforce is expected to reach 163 million by 2022, and millions of those workers will pass through staffing agencies on their way to finding temporary and long-term employment. According to The American Staffing Association, more than 3 million workers seek out staffing agencies every week, and staffing agencies help more than 17 million workers find work every year.

People who succeed in the $160 billion staffing industry love people. They understand that connecting workers with quality employers is as close to the American Dream as you can get. The fact that owning a staffing business can be a highly lucrative enterprise – with high-margins, low ongoing costs, and a constantly renewing customer base – is secondary for entrepreneurs who want to own a business that allows them to drive their local economy.

There is simply no other business opportunity that will put you in the center of the action quite like a staffing business. Every day, you will help connect individuals who need employment to earn a living for themselves and their families with high-quality employers. Over the past 12 years in business, Essential Pros has helped thousands of individuals find meaningful work and has helped dozens of companies fill urgent positions with the best people for the job.

Staffing businesses enjoy high-margins

There’s a reason why the staffing industry has grown to $160 billion annually, and that is because this business if done effectively, can be extraordinarily lucrative. Essential Pros is a terrific example of a brand that gets it right.  According to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, Essential Pros has grown to such an extent that all of our offices generate more than $1 million in gross sales.

The reason behind our growth is simple: we have developed a streamlined business model and made significant investments in back-end support to help make our offices easy to run and quick to scale. We also don’t compete with other staffing franchise brands directly, as we target small to mid-size communities and focus on helping light-manufacturing, agricultural and production businesses grow. All of these efforts combined have helped us carve out a special niche in a rapidly growing segment, and has made Essential Pros a worthy franchise opportunity.

“We have perfected the business model and have a proven record of success with our clients,” says Rodney Christensen, Regional Manager of Essential Pros. “Through the relationship with clients, you always have the opportunity for revenue. There’s a lot of companies that are hiring, and it’s a great time to get into business because everyone is needing people. We’re not limited from a scale perspective, as we’re able to service a lot of different industries effectively. If an entrepreneur were to start this business on their own, they wouldn’t know how to make it profitable – but we do, and we’re excited to share this opportunity as Essential Pros continues to grow moving forward.”

Owning a staffing agency is easier than you think

Essential Pros makes it incredibly easy to open a staffing franchise, even for entrepreneurs who have never participated in the staffing industry. For the past 12 years, Essential Pros has invested in state-of-the-art technology that allows our franchise owners to act like CEOs, networking in their communities and forging relationships, rather than being saddled by the endless amount of back-end office work that owning a staffing business requires.

In fact, Essential Pros franchise owners don’t have to worry about any back-end office work. Our technology takes care of payroll, accounting, as well as the myriad administrative tasks that pop up on a daily basis. This means that our franchise owners save money in the short-term and long-term because they can run growing businesses with a minimal number of employees, allowing for a much faster ramp-up time.

“I’m passionate about the staffing industry because I’m an entrepreneur as well,” Powell says. “I started our company 12 years ago, at a time when the economy wasn’t doing very well. We opened our first office, and very soon after, we opened a second office – and we were able to grow those very quickly. Two years later, we acquired another company and we were able to grow those offices by 100%. This is because we have established the proven processes and systems necessary to make a business thrive. Now, we’re ready to share our model with other entrepreneurs and help them participate in the market, and in their local economies, at their full potential.”

Are you ready to be at the center of your local economy? Invest in an Essential Pros staffing franchise today

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