Essential Pros Franchises Are The Perfect Franchises For Women

The staffing franchise’s best-bet opportunity offers entrepreneurs world-class support, proven processes and systems, and a turn-key business model

With National Women’s History Month underway, this is a great time for female entrepreneurs to make their dreams of owning a business a reality. For those seeking an opportunity that allows them to solve problems with innovative solutions, franchising with Essential Pros Staffing franchise is a best-bet investment. 

Founded in 2007, Essential Pros has grown to multiple locations throughout Nebraska, where our reputation for delivering the best placements for our clients is highly regarded. As we begin to expand throughout the nation, Essential Pros offers several tremendous competitive advantages in the form of state-of-the-art technology and exceptional back-end office support. This allows Essential Pros franchise owners to focus on growing their businesses, driving sales and getting the essential part right: connecting quality people with quality work.

Entrepreneurs who join our staffing franchise will stand out with the Essential Difference. Staffing is becoming the norm for businesses looking to recruit top talent. Companies need to find, vet and hire qualified applicants in a timely manner, so they’re utilizing Essential Pros’ services to ease their burdens. Unlike the average staffing company that sends someone out to a job to fill a spot, we understand the needs of our clients because we build a relationship with them so we know what they’re looking for in an applicant. Applicants also are interviewed face-to-face so that we can find out who they are, what their skills are and how they can best benefit the right client. Essential Pros Staffing Franchise laborer welding

Ultimately, these are a couple of the many reasons our staffing franchise continues to stand out in the $160 billion staffing industry. Moreover, our exceptional track record of consistent growth and tremendous unit economics also sets us apart from the competition. 

“One thing people don’t know about the staffing industry is that it’s a high sales business,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros. “Our average office produces about $2 million in annual sales. It’s also a very affordable business to own and one that can grow very quickly. It’s a great time to join Essential Pros today because we’ve developed a business model over the past 13 years that has proven to work. We’ve been enormously successful and have grown consistently year-over-year. Now we want to share our business model with entrepreneurs who want to join a dynamic industry and own a business that truly makes an impact in their communities.”

Thrive in Business With an Essential Pros Staffing Franchise

Essential Pros has created a business model for entrepreneurs that is simple to operate, easy to scale and maximizes profitability that we want to share. Even better, an Essential Pros Staffing franchise is one of the most affordable businesses to own in the booming staffing industry. This is why the total cost to invest starts at $112,600.

Why is our cost of entry so low? Travis Powell, our CEO and Founder, left a lucrative career in the banking industry to pursue a new career as the owner of a staffing franchise. As an entrepreneur, Powell knows that people invest real money, time and energy to start businesses and keeping costs low is an essential part of helping businesses succeed. 

“I started Essential Pros in 2007 while approaching a bad economy,” Powell says. “I wanted to get out of the banking industry and do something meaningful with my life. The staffing industry gave me the chance to help people seeking to improve their lives, help businesses with urgent hiring needs, and play a meaningful role in my community. Now that we’ve proven the success of the Essential Pros business model can be replicable, I want to help as many entrepreneurs enter the staffing industry as I can. This is why the barriers to entry are low — because life isn’t about money, life is about doing something that you’re passionate about, day in and day out.”

The best part? You do not need staffing industry experience to thrive in business with our staffing franchise. As an Essential Pros franchise owner, you will never be alone in business. Our exceptional, world-class support is unmatched in the $160 billion staffing industry. We will provide you with everything you need to successfully establish your business in your community, including our proven systems and processes, turn-key business model and back-end support, all of which give you the potential to achieve remarkable results. 

Are you ready to be at the center of your local economy? Invest in an Essential Pros staffing franchise today

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