Avoid These Common Franchise Problems

Franchise Problems and Solutions

Franchises offer a more sound, stable, and proven business opportunity for those looking to start their own business – much more so than going at it alone with a start-up. But that’s not to say there aren’t recurring franchise problems with picking just any franchise.

Indeed, not all franchises are created equally.

Even still, the franchise industry is booming. According to Franchise Economy, in 2020 (the latest data available), the franchise industry was expected to increase 1.5% — despite a global pandemic. Most industry studies don’t anticipate this trend to slow down anytime soon, as more and more people invest in franchises and find it proves a wise business opportunity.


It’s no secret – the main drawback for franchises is the cost to invest. For some franchises, it can be a million dollar investment after adding up all the fees, licensing and other associated costs associated with buying into the brand.

That’s why at Essential Pros, we’ve bucked this trend. More than anything, we want to provide an affordable and attainable opportunity into a booming industry for candidates excited, energized and ready to grow Essential Pros. As such, Essential Pros is one of the most affordable staffing franchise opportunities, with a total cost to invest beginning at $136,350. For more information on the cost to invest in Essential Pros, please see our costs page here.

Franchise Screening

While Essential Pros is primed for expansion and growth, our corporate team doesn’t just pick anyone to be a franchisee.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in the country, we’ve built our reputation on making sure we put the right candidate in the right company for the right job. We apply those same values for our own brand, making sure we’ve got the best person and fit for a franchisee who will help guide the future of Essential Pros. And to that end, we want to make sure the potential candidate is going to find fulfillment and worth in the work we do. It truly goes both ways.

Business Plan

When you invest in a franchise, what you are investing in, more than anything, is a proven business plan franchisees can follow and be set up for success. That is, without a doubt, what makes franchising so special and unique.

But not all franchises have a proven business plan, and aspiring entrepreneurs would be well advised to do their research before making any final decisions.

At Essential Pros, however, you can rest assured that not only is our business plan well vetted and launched so many people into successful careers, but also our corporate team is with you every step of the way. Essential Pros has been one of the leading staffing agencies since it started in 2007, and you don’t last that long without doing something right.


As the U.S. navigates what’s now known as “The Great Resignation,” it’s never been harder, for all industries and companies, to find the right employees for their team. That’s why at Essential Pros, we help franchisees with the process of finding the right employees to help run your business.

As a staffing agency, it’s safe to say Essential Pros knows how to get the right candidate in the right job. We apply those same processes, values and beliefs when making up our own teams, whose success we are all dependent on.


Having a solid, reputable brand with an effective marketing strategy is what helps businesses stand out from competitors in competitive markets. While Americans are blessed with an abundance of options, it’s up to the companies themselves to stand out and deliver their message to the customer.

That’s why the Essential Pros franchise team has invested so heavily in its branding and marketing efforts, as just one way to stand out in the booming $160 billion staffing industry. We don’t take it lightly when an aspiring entrepreneur chooses to invest with Essential Pros, and as a result, we make every effort to take potential problems out of the mix so you can focus on growing your business.


It’s a problem that affects so many large franchises. Sometimes you grow too big and broad, and therefore can’t offer the personalized support so many franchisees need not only when starting out, but also as their location grows.

If you don’t want to get lost in the corporate shuffle, Essential Pros is the right opportunity for you. We’ve created a culture that feels like family. You can rest assured no phone call or email will go unanswered. We’re truly all in this together.

Franchise Problems Concluded

The franchise model has proven to be one of the most powerful economic forces on the planet. Just look around, and start to count how many franchises are in your community, becoming part of everyday life.

But not all franchises are created equally. At Essential Pros, we’ve taken great pains to learn from common franchise problems. We created a business model that is expertly crafted to set aspiring entrepreneurs up with the best chance for success.

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