Why You Should Start a Staffing Agency With Purpose

Essential Pros staffing agency franchise is your chance to own a business that meets a real, growing need

For so many of the Essential Pros franchisees, starting a personnel franchise in their community has proven time and again to provide purpose by transforming the lives of friends and neighbors placed into meaningful jobs.

Essential Pros personnel franchise is one of the leading staffing agencies in the country, finding employment for millions of people looking for work. But our goal is not about shuffling people through and putting them in a job they don’t like. What sets Essential Pros apart is we take the time to find the right job for the right person.

This attention to detail allows entrepreneurs to help drive their local economy. Finding jobseekers quality work helps people support themselves and their family, and in turn, businesses have the quality staffing required to carry out day-to-day operations. By getting the hire right, Essential Pros helps hundreds of businesses avoid the costly and time intensive process of hiring.

essential pros personnel franchise owner

Using the Essential Pros personnel franchise structures process, owners help identify which people are the best fit for clients. And because the process lends itself to long-term client relationships, you will see firsthand how you can help clients while getting to know the people walking through your doors looking for work. At Essential Pros, our franchisees also take the time to learn people’s goals before placing them in a job.

“We meet people at a crossroads,” says Nicole Powell, Vice President of Essential Pros. “Our clients might be scaling up for a new project or are coming up on a busy time of year. Our applicants are looking at a new career and they have a desire to improve themselves. It’s so rewarding to be able to meet the needs of our clients while also helping individuals better themselves at the same time.”

For clients, we help employers fulfill roles that let them achieve their goals for hiring. Our vetted hiring process verifies an applicant’s work history, looks into long gaps of work, checks references and conducts a drug test, so in the end, our applicants are a perfect fit for clients.

“The staffing industry gave me the chance to help people seeking to improve their lives, help businesses with urgent hiring needs, and play a meaningful role in my community,” says Travis Powell, CEO and Founder of Essential Pros. “Now that we’ve proven the success of the Essential Pros business model can be replicable, I want to help as many entrepreneurs enter the staffing industry as I can. This is why the barriers to entry are low – because life isn’t about money, life is about doing something that you’re passionate about, day in and day out.”

Bring Essential Pros Personnel Franchise to Your Community

If you want to own a potentially lucrative business that helps build your local community and national economy, an Essential Pros franchise is a smart business to own. Learn more today!